Monday, December 13, 2010

When things go missing

Today I realized that my pipe was missing. I have a pipe. I don't smoke... but I have always fantasized about having a pipe in my mouth just to hold there... and pretend I was a gentle-woman. I bought it at an antique shop in Virginia... and then boiled it a few times... and then stuck it in my mouth any ole time I wanted to and said, "cheerio." So, today, well... actually, just about ten minutes ago I realized that I no longer know where my pipe is! I actually haven't seen it for some time. Last I remember, it was in my mouth as I told the kids stories... with an English accent. They giggled, and I was quite serious as I took it from my mouth in a suitable hold to straighten my non-existant goatee. And that's the last time I've seen it.


Not under my bed. (I knew it couldn't be there... but my childhood suggested otherwise.)

not behind the chest of drawers...

not under the stack of papers I just piled there the other day.

Personally... I see it everywhere. Perhaps I should say a prayer?

"Dear God... please help me find my vintage tobacco pipe."

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  1. Some day I want to compile a list of sincere prayers that sound funny.