Friday, June 11, 2010

bad days

So... today was one of those bad days. Already had a bruised knuckle from kick boxing yesterday. My little sister sat down on the stool I use in order to get on my ridiculously high bed (yes I made it that way) so we had to fix it... and in the process I hammered my thumb and sawed my pinky. After a few choice words and throwing all the tools and chair as far away from me as I could (but since my muscles are also sore from boxing, "throwing" only means 2 feet) I told the little sis to pack her things so I could take her home. Which of course translates to... I hate her for breaking my chair... when really all it was was that I hated being so grumpy and needed to get her home before things got worse. Not fun... We argued about nothing on the way, and she cried in silence. How am I supposed to be a good big sister when I have bad days like this? How Do I change my mood when inside, deep down, I feel like screaming?! How does anybody? Humph... it's just one of THOSE bad days.

1 comment:

  1. good big sisters show that bad days are a part of life, but only a part. where will be more days.

    and maybe good big sisters teach you how to cuss like a sailor...